HoneybeeOn Thursday, January 28th, the Conservation Committee held its first of a four part series “Pollinator Potluck” at the Greenwich Audubon. The turn out was fantastic with husbands and friends enjoying a potluck dinner of delicious chilis, salads and cookies. The topic, presented by Michelle Frankel, Audubon Center Director, was Creating Pollinator Havens–Healthy Yard Habitat for Wildlife and Family. (photos) (ps: password is 100years)

Dr. Michelle Frankel spoke about Audubon’s “Bird-Friendly Communities” program that works with communities in Greenwich and across Connecticut to create healthy habitats in parks, schoolyards and residential yards. We learned about the relationship between native plants and native pollinators and other wildlife and simple actions we can take in our own yards to make them healthier places for both wildlife and people. We received a preview of the soon-to-launch highly interactive campaign by National Audubon Society to create the World’s Largest Bird Sanctuary. Dr. Frankel is the Director of Audubon Greenwich and the statewide team leader for Audubon Connecticut’s Bird-Friendly Communities program. Her Ph.D. at Boston University and her post-doctoral fellowship at Tel Aviv University in Israel focused on the impacts of urbanization on birds.

The next Pollinator Potluck will be held at the Garden Education Center on Thursday, February 25th. The speaker will be Howland Blackiston, on the Vanishing Honeybee. Sign up today! Contact Kim Gregory at [email protected]