Babcock Preserve

Babcock-Horseneck Brook for webThis vast tract of forested land, containing an enormous variety of plants and animals, is deliberately maintained as a natural area. An extensive network of trails, many of them based on wild animal trails, range in length from 1 to 3.5 miles.

In 1969 the town’s Selectmen recognized the need for government to be involved in collecting open space. The Club lobbied for the formation of the Conservation Commission. This advisory committee was chaired by Daniel Badger, Club member Mariette’s husband. The Conservation Commission approached the Babcock family to consider preserving their large forest land tract which supplied water to the Putnam reservoir. With the leadership of our honorary member, Nancy Reynolds Bagley, sister of Mary Babcock, 293 acres were acquired for protection as open space. When the town proposed locating a public safety center on this watershed land in 1980, the Club lobbied to successfully block the plan. In honor of the Babcock family the Club assumes the planting at the entrance with native plants and shrubs. The care and maintenance of the entrance continues to be a cherished civic project for the Club today.