The Civic Committee keeps the membership informed concerning civic issues with empahsis on local concerns and encourages active involvement when desirable.

Committee Chair 2016-17: Meline Dickson

Annual Report of the Civic Committee (June 2016)

NativeOakProjectDecember2015Native Oak Trees in Byram Park
In October, we participated in the Federated Garden Club Native Oak Tree Project, by working with the Greenwich Tree Conservancy and our town Tree Warden to plant two Oak trees in Byram Park. With JoAnn Messina and Bruce Spaman, a maintenance plan for mulch and regular watering for two years was established. We were delighted to participate in this program as Oak trees are beautiful and majestic, they are our state tree and are well suited to our New England landscape and provide great shade trees for lawns, streets, parks and golf courses. We worked in concert with Civic chairs, Jane Marsh, Green Fingers and Meredith Fuertado, Hortulus to have their club’s oak trees planted near those planted by GGC at Byram Park to form a grove near the playground, which is to be renovated in the near future.

DSC_0851Greenwich Land Trust, Mueller Preserve Gardens
We donated $5000 towards construction of a solar powered water feature and additional native plantings for the Pollinator Garden which is filled with native plants of all sizes and colors. The water feature was constructed from stones on the Mueller Preserve and is the only water source on the property for the butterflies, bees and birds frequently visiting the garden. Our support also provided funding for additional plantings such as winterberry, hollies, a river birch and northern spicebush, adding color, texture and wildlife support throughout the year. In December, a number of us from the Civic committee participated in a tour of the GLT Mueller preserve organized by our Conservation Chair, Kim Gregory to see the property with GLT’s Steve Conway to learn about the solar powered pump and other aspects of the preserve.

Tri-Club Collaboration
In November, it was suggested by one of our committee members, Lolly Prince that we join forces with other Garden Clubs in town to share ideas and possibly work together, as we did for the Native Oak tree project. We had 3 meetings with Civic Chairs from Green Fingers and Hortulus to determine if and how we might collaborate. In April and May, we discussed with Jane Marsh and Eric Raines, (landscape designer who did the Baxter courtyard at Greenwich Library) to resurrect a landscape master plan, “ the Olmstead Plan,” that was proposed in 2011 and approved by the Parks board in the Plan of Conservation (POCD) for the Roger Sherman Baldwin Park. The master plan included footpaths, benches and lighting to reinvigorate the original mission of the park. Jane and I met with Eric Raines and had planned to meet with Bruce Spaman to discuss this further, but that meeting was postponed and will be rescheduled for September.