Club Liaison

The Club liaison acts as a liaison between the GCA and Federated Garden Clubs and other outside organizations where deemed appropriate to ensure a timely dissemination of general information from these organizations to GGC members.

Committee Chair 2016-17: Lindy Wells

Annual Report of the Club Liaison (June 2016)

Club Liaison was established several years ago to provide a link between Garden Club of America (GCA) and Federated Garden  Clubs of CT (Federated) to ensure timely dissemination of general information from these organizations to GGC Members.

This year, our goal has been to provide links to GCA and Federated each month and, in addition, to identify and provide other links that can compliment information already being provided by other GGC Committees and that can be useful to GGC Members. The Club Liaison links have been expanded to include New York Botanical Garden, the New York Times, PBS, Documentary Films, Central Park Conservancy and various other Historical and Garden Organizations.

GCA and Federated: Because GGC has not been active with Federated in recent years, an initial goal was to familiarize Members with the Federated mission, activities, newsletter, website and relationship with National Garden Clubs (NGC). Although Members have been more active with GCA, Liaison encouraged Members’ use of the GCA website, alerted Members to GCA news and articles in the GCA Bulletin (for example, Olmstead and Vaux’s Prospect Park in Brooklyn), and highlighted differences and similarities of GCA and Federated.

Selected Topics from 2015-16:
1. Pollinators — In an attempt to underscore and support GGC’s efforts re: Pollinators, Liaison has alerted Members to other Pollinator information and activities including: 1.Monarch Way Watch(University of Kansas), 2.Help Save the Monarchs! (Federated), 3.Pollinator Garden at Sakonnet Garden in Little Compton, RI, 4.Forever Wild (Riverside Park NYC) 5.Hallett Nature Sanctuary (NY Central Park). GGC Member Jane Dunn donated milkweed seeds on behalf of GGC to the Monarch Way Watch program.

2. Scholarship Opportunities — Scholarship opportunities available from NGC and Federated (34+ scholarships including 4 dedicated to CT) and GCA (27 merit scholarships and fellowships in 12 areas including an international exchange with the Royal Horticultural Society and a GCA Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture) were explained to Members and a reference book with scholarship information for Members’ use was created. The GCA Scholarship Twitter Feed was introduced to Members.

3. Educational Opportunities — Federated Courses in Environmental Studies, Gardening Study, Landscape Design and Flower Show School (for judging) were announced. Courses, including Summer Intensives, at the New York Botanical Garden were announced. These are all opportunities available to GGC Members. Lectures of interest to Members were announced (for example, Snowdrops at Colesbourne, Gloucestershire at Winterthur) at meetings.

4. National Parks — Because National Parks is a focus of GCA this year, Liaison alerted Members to articles in the GCA Bulletin, PBS’s 10 Parks that Changed America (one segment of 10 that Changed America series) and The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, the documentary film by Ken Burns and Drayton Duncan.

5. Articles of Interest — 1.NYT May 10 article A Secret Section of Central Park Reopens re: The Hallett Nature Sanctuary, a 4 acre peninsula that has not been open regularly since the 1930’s. This is part of the Central Park Conservancy’s Woodlands Initiative. 2.NYT’s May 13 The Lost Gardens of Emily Dickinson describing the ongoing restoration of the orchard, greenhouse and flower and vegetable gardens at the poet’s home in Amherst, MA.

GGC Committee Chairs: In addition to the above efforts, Liaison has alerted Committee Chairs to information discovered re: Flower Shows, Garden Tours, Horticulture, Photography, etc. that may be of interest and support to them.