Education Outreach

The Education Outreach Committee works, through hands on activities, with community groups to further their understanding of flower arranging, horticulture, conservation and environmental issues.

Committee Chairs 2017-2018: Alexandra Cordraro, Julie Pryor, Stephanie Webb

Annual Report of the Education Outreach Committee (June 2017)

The Education Outreach Committee had another successful year serving at First Steps/Kids’ Corner at Armstrong Court and Greenwich Adult Day Care Center.

The committee conducted its day long events on Tuesdays in October, November, February and May. Each workshop consisted of the same two-day routine. The preceding Monday (the day before) the volunteers prepared the containers by cutting oasis with a cookie cutter to fit each arrangement. The flowers were cut to fit the height of containers. The flowers were selected and purchased by Stop and Shop on Riverside/Stamford border. Their floral designer, Wasem, typically would give the GGC high quality flowers and extra greens at no cost. The Monday preparation routine ran like clockwork…1-2 people soaking and cutting the oasis and 1-2 people cutting the flowers. The prep work the day before ensured a smooth workshop the next day. On Tuesday, there would be three mini-workshops inside the day. First Steps would run from 9am- 9:45 am. One volunteer would read a theme-related story. (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Spring) Next, the volunteers would set the materials out, explain the project to the children and the students would receive help assembling their arrangements. Immediately following, Kids’ Corner would run next door from 10am-10:45am. The same events with the Adult Day Care would be repeated at 1:15pm without the reading of a book.

Above, Susan Schieffelin and Eugenie Pavelic read to the children at Armstrong Court