Education Outreach

The Education Outreach Committee works, through hands on activities, with community groups to further their understanding of flower arranging, horticulture, conservation and environmental issues.

Committee Chairs 2016-17: Alexandra Cordraro, Kathy Heidt,  Beth Taylor

Annual Report of the Education Outreach Committee (June 2016)

This past year we have focused primarily on flower arranging and horticulture activities at First Steps/Kids Corner/Dancing Dolphins at Armstrong Court and the Greenwich Adult Daycare Center. The Workshops were held with seasonal holiday themes in October, December, February and May. We had enthusiastic participation by the children, the seniors and the Greenwich Garden Club volunteers.

At Kid’s Corner we kept the projects simple. While the volunteers were setting up the projects on the table’s, one volunteer (Thank You, Helen Pardoe!!) would read a few stories to the children that was in keeping with the theme of the workshop. We would then explain the project to the children. In October, we bought 65 small plastic pumpkins, filled them with oasis and the children made small fall flower arrangements that they could take home and share with their family. In December and February, the workshops were a holiday theme and in the spring the children planted petunias in small, decorate your-own flower pots. We also brought a small snack, consisting of water and muffins or cookies.

The Greenwich Adult Day Care sessions always consisted of simple flower arrangements. We found using oasis and flowers with strong stems made the process of arranging in the containers easier. We would also have some form of seasonal “glitter” to add to the arrangement, which always put a smile on the seniors’ faces!! They loved taking their arrangements home and were always very appreciative of our help. We would always have a few extras which GGC volunteers completed and decorated the room with them in the hopes that when the seniors came the next day, they might want to take one home.

All of the location heads expressed their appreciation for our efforts. Needless to say, none of this could have been done without the help of our GGC members and new GGC members, who were always ready and willing to lend a hand. Thank You!!!!

Kathy Heidt, Grace Schoelkopf and Beth Taylor
Education Outreach Co-Chairs 2015-2016

Above, Susan Schieffelin and Eugenie Pavelic read to the children at Armstrong Court