Floral Design

The Floral Design Committee’s purpose is to interest members in acquiring the knowledge and art of flower arranging and exhibiting in shows.

Committee Chairs 2017-2018: Ashley Allan, Wendy Henderson

Annual Report of the Floral Design Committee (June 2017)

The September meeting kicked-off with a flower arranging sweepstakes entitled “Pretty in Pink.”  The challenge gave members the opportunity to channel their inner Lilly Pulitzer to create an arrangement of flowers, picked from their gardens or store-bought, inspired by the bright patterns and colors of Mrs. Pulitzer.  The pretty and preppy entries were critiqued by guest judges who presented the following awards:
“Pulitzer for Pulitzer” and Best in Show:  Anne Getz
“Worth Avenue Wow”:  Libby Welch
“Vintage Lilly”:  Helen Pardoe

In early October, the Greenwich Garden Club participated in the Garden Education Center’s Dahlia Show.  Allison Bourke graciously provided Dahlias cut from her garden for an arrangement which was skillfully designed by Elizabeth Hopley, on behalf of our club.

At the November meeting, mini-faux Christmas trees were handed out to twelve members to decorate for the upcoming Christmas Luncheon.  We announced plans for the New Year, including a workshop in February as well as a sweepstakes.  Members were encouraged to sign-up for the Daffodil Show in April as well as the Garden Club of Irvington’s May show, entitled: “On the Sunny Side of the Hudson.”


The December Holiday Luncheon was hosted at the Indian Harbor Club.  As per tradition, twelve members thoughtfully decorated mini faux Christmas trees which served as the festive centerpieces for the tables.  Following the lunch, the trees were delivered to Nathaniel Witherell for the residents to enjoy.

The January meeting highlighted upcoming February events including a flower arranging workshop at McArdles and a sweepstakes entitled:  Best Picture, to celebrate Oscar standouts past and present.

In February, we were delighted to have had tremendous participation in the sweepstakes, “Best Picture.”  Fifteen members created arrangements spread across three different film-themed classes.  The caliber of design was truly impressive.  Thanks to our judges:  Eugenie Pavelic, Nina King and Susan Scheiffelin, and to our clerks: Anne Getz, Elizabeth Hopley and Dee Hickey.  The following first place winners were awarded gold Oscar statues made of chocolate:

Anne Getz:  Gone with the Wind
Helen Pardoe & Susan Gatto:  LaLa Land
Colleen Ferguson Clark:  The Wizard of OZ

On February 23rd, the committee hosted a flower design workshop at McArdles, which demonstrated the techniques to create a flowing mass arrangement inspired by the Dutch Masters.  The sixteen participants brought home their elegant arrangements after the workshop.

Anne Getz volunteered her time and talent on behalf of the club to take part in “Art in Bloom” at the Greenwich Library’s Flinn Gallery where she created a breathtaking arrangement inspired by a botanical floral drawing.  Both the drawing and the arrangement were on exhibit together for a week in February.

Members were reminded to enter the May flower show: “On the Sunny Side of the Hudson,” hosted by the Irvington Garden Club and they were also encouraged to visit in March, the Philadelphia Flower Show:  “Holland:  Flowering the World” and the Boston Flower Show: “Super Heroes of the Garden.”

In April, Nina King hosted a floral design workshop featuring table settings in preparation for the Daffodil Show on April 26th.  The floral design results from the show included:
Class 1:  Trump Tower (Challenge Class)
Karen Marache:  2nd place
Patricia Lovejoy: Honorable Mention
Class 2:  Gild the Lily (Functional Table)
Helen Pardoe:  1st Place and Novice Floral Design Award
Ashley Allan & Anne Getz:  3rd Place
Class 3:  White House Garden (Arrangement)
Libby Welch:  3rd Place
Colleen Ferguson Clark & Elizabeth Lake:  3rd Place

At the May meeting, Euganie Pavelic was congratulated for receiving a blue ribbon in Flower Arranging at the Zone II Flower Show in Maryland in May.  She also received the impressive honor of being awarded the Harriet deWaele Puckett Creativity Award! We encouraged all members participate in the hat decorating sweepstakes for the upcoming Annual Meeting.

The Greenwich Garden Club was nicely represented at the May 10th Garden Club of Irving flower show, “On the Sunnyside of the Hudson.”  Those who entered were thanked, including:   Elizabeth Hopley & Julia Dunn and Dee Hickey & Helen Pardoe.  The following members placed in the show:
Class 1:  360 degrees & Sunny (mass arrangement)
Anne Getz & Libby Welch:  1st Place and BEST IN SHOW!
Sharon Kinney & Susan Gatto:  2nd Place
Beth Taylor & Stephanie Webb:  Honorable Mention
Class 3: Sleepy Hollow Awakenings (niche arrangement)
Elizabeth Lake (3rd Place)

The June hat decorating sweepstakes at the Annual Meeting and Luncheon is always a fun tradition.  Despite the rainy day, we had a nice array of hats to judge and we presented awards for “Most Beautiful Hat” to Nina King and the“Most Clever Hat” to Leslie Lee.  This years’ recipient of the Greenwich Garden Club Commemorative Flower Arranging Award was Helen Pardoe.  On June 9th, Nina King received 2nd Place for her floral arrangement inspired by the Haleakala National Park at the Litchfield Garden Club’s flower show:  “Our National Parks…America’s Best Idea.”