Floral Design

The Floral Design Committee’s purpose is to interest members in acquiring the knowledge and art of flower arranging and exhibiting in shows.

Committee Chairs 2016-17: Ashley Allan, Betsy Vitton

Annual Report of the Floral Design Committee (June 2016)

We had a very productive year in 2015-2016. The year began with both Eugenie and Betsy submitting an arrangement in the Newport Flower Show, Bridal Bouquet which received a second prize.

Our September meeting featured a challenge class where we had many beautiful arrangements from members’ gardens. The creativity and green thumbs were outstanding.

From there, the GGC had several entries in the Rye Garden Club, where several members, received ribbons.

Our December meeting featured a challenge class entitled “Frozen” where members made arrangements using their interpretation of the popular children’s movie.

February was a lovely workshop hosted by Eugenie where 10 members assembled a creative array of carrots, roses, ivy and other plant material for an Easter centerpiece.

In May we had a challenge class entitled “Last Minute Special” where many entered using floral material for an arrangement in their home prior to a special event and costing less than $20. Many also participated in the Daffodil Show in Greenwich, with several receiving ribbons.

We are happy to report many members are entered in the Zone II show and several just completed the Fantasia Show in Greenwich.

Betsy Vitton and Eugenie Pavelic