Garden History and Design

The purpose of the Garden History and Design Committee is to educate members about trends in contemporary American landscape and design. To demonstrate how American harden history is, and alway been, an integral part of the cultural and social life where those gardens exist.

Committee Chair 2016-17: Jane Dunn

Garden History and Design Annual Report (2016)

Our Committee was busy working on the documentation of a member’s garden for inclusion in the Smithsonian Institution as part of the Archives of American Gardens project.

We had several meetings to go over all forms necessary for this documentation process. In addition, Lisa Hurst took more photographs of the garden during the winter and early spring. Previously, Dorothy Brodsky photographed many gorgeous garden shots and we are in the process of selecting the images for digital submission.

A local artist is working on the garden layout plan. This should be completed over the summer.

Lisa Hurst, Karen Marache and Jane Dunn are working to finalize the garden summary, captions for photographs, list of all plantings and garden features as well as additional information sheets.

We are hoping to have this project completed by September, 2016.

Jane Dunn, GH & D Chair