Club History

The purpose of the History Committee is to educate members on our past history and contributions, as well as document our current activities for future reference. To keep a complete record, and properly archive Club activities including annual meeting minutes, club projects and to scrapbook photographs and all relevant newspaper and magazine articles. Photographs should record member’s gardens, prizewinning flower arrangements, horticulture specimens as well as Club projects.

Committee Chair 2017- 2018: Patricia Lovejoy

Club History Annual Report (2017)

2016-2017 has been another banner year for the Club History Committee!

We updated the Handbook section on Club Contributions and Fund Raising Projects.

We began an effort to obtain information from all our Past Presidents of events during their time. This has been very interesting because it shows how involved the GGC has been through the years in many philanthropic and conservation efforts. Project not yet completed.

We continued an effort to clean up our archives. Committee met on May 5 to work through old files and make plans for next year. Next year we hope to continue the work on “histories” of prior members who were transformational in the landscape of Greenwich.