Club History

The purpose of the History Committee is to educate members on our past history and contributions, as well as document our current activities for future reference. To keep a complete record, and properly archive Club activities including annual meeting minutes, club projects and to scrapbook photographs and all relevant newspaper and magazine articles. Photographs should record member’s gardens, prizewinning flower arrangements, horticulture specimens as well as Club projects.

Committee Chairs 2015-16: Hopie Lewis, Patricia Lovejoy

Club History Annual Report (2016)

This year we began the project of recording our archives electronically.Patricia Lovejoy, our brilliant Co-chair, succeeded in updating the membership list and handbook on Club Contributions.She divided the section into Conservation, Civic, Education, War work, fundraising.

We continued our efforts to obtain histories of our notable members. Our archives have oral histories and photographs of some of our Honorary members in notebook form. These members are Mariette Badger, Molly Cook, Gloria Van Norden and Kitty Starr. Material has been collected on other members.

More oral histories are planned and will be housed in a section of our website.

Mary Hope Lewis wrote a memoir of her first years as a Garden Club member in the early 1960s. She observed that the energy and creativity of the Greenwich Garden Club members in Conservation were important contributions to our town by setting building blocks for our town’s development.