The purpose of the Horticulture Committee is to stimulate interest and increase knowledge of members in order to maintain the highest standards in horticulture.

Committee Chairs 2017-2018: Libby Welch, Allison Bourke

Annual Report of the Horticulture Committee (June 2017)


Several members participated in the Zone II Show, “Summer on the Sound” held by the Sasqua Garden Club.
We kicked off the year with an In-House Horticulture Sweepstakes, held on September 13, 2-16 at the home of Sharon Kinney


Horticulture held a Trough Workshop on Thursday October 14.  It took place at the home of Allison Bourke.  Allison taught us how to pour concrete and shape it into a beautiful Trough.   The idea was so popular that the event sold out and had a long wait list.

Ten Greenwich Garden Club members created their own troughs from sand and cement.  There were quite a variety of shapes and sizes.   Over the winter, the troughs will develop and harden.  For those who were unable to attend, an instructional handout is available.  

A Bulb Workshop was held October 23 at the home of Susan Schieffelin.  12 of our members learned how to pot bulbs for forcing in the spring.  We planned an April sweepstakes to show off our daffodils and tulips from that beautiful autumn day.


 Libby Welch and Anne Getz attended the Zone II Horticulture Meeting in New Haven.   Horticulture Chairman Jocelyn Sherman led an informative session.  All club representatives shared their ideas and challenges. Much of the meeting was spent explaining club requirements for the Zone II annual meeting in June.


 Everyone had a great time at the Annual Holiday Luncheon.


Entrants for the Zone 2 show have been finalized   Class 1 – Jane Dunn and Allison Bourke are both growing seeds and we will see which one is best;  Classes 2 and 3 are the kalmias – only Karen Marache is entering so we will have one class where we do not have an entry, but show chairs are aware some clubs could not grow the kalmias; Class 4-6 is a choice and we are confirmed for Class 5 – Colleen Clark is entering;  class 7 – Kim Gregory is entering and using her trough from our fall workshop.

Upcoming Shows are the Irvington on Hudson show May 9-11; Litchfield Garden Club show June 9-10;  Zone 2 show at Washington Garden Club June 21-22.  And also the Daffodil show April 26-27.


Pelargonium plugs were passed out. The best bloom will be selected at our June Annual Meeting.  The winner will receive the gorgeous Mary Harrison trophy.  We selected Pelargonium onale classics Light salmon.


We held a Bulb Sweepstakes with the Bulbs given out at the October Bulb workshop.  Libby Welch won for both Best Daffodil and Best Tulip.  Allison Bourke gave a  workshop demonstration to new members on “How to Design and Plant an Outdoor Container.” 


GGC members attended a Dahlia potting workshop at the Greenwich Garden Education Center on May 17.   Barbara Collier, chair of Greenwich Dahlia society, showed members how to grow tubers into gorgeous Dahlia Blooms.   Each participant received 6 tubers to take home and grow.

Our Club had an excellent showing at the recent Daffodil show with numerous members bringing home impressive results.


Our club was represented at the recent Irvington on Hudson’s “Sunny Side of the Hudson” flower show on May 9 – 11.   Libby Welch won 1st place in Class 11, “Daffodils” and 2nd place in Class 22 “Pink Dogwoods.

Five Horticulture Awards were given out at the Annual Meeting.

The Greenwich Garden Club Commemorative Award in Horticulture may be given annually to a member of the Greenwich Garden Club who has shown the greatest interest and enthusiasm for horticulture.  When appropriate, this award is to be given in honor a member, past or present who has exhibited inspirational leadership in the field of horticulture.  In 1995, Mrs. Cookie Ogilvy, A GGC member, donated a silver urn in memory of her mother, Faith Rockefeller Model, also a GGC member to replace the previous trophy.

This year’s recipient is one of our club’s most valuable horticulture enthusiasts.   She routinely opens her incredible gardens to visitors including our guest speakers, other garden club members, and our members.  Her home is one of our club’s favorite spots to hold a monthly meeting where she dazzles us with her plants and flowers.  This year, she held a sold out, extremely popular “trough making” workshop at her house where she even mixed the concrete!  In April, she gave our new members a valuable lesson in designing and creating outdoor pots.   She co chaired Horticulture in 2015 and 2016.  We are so fortunate because she has agreed to co chair it again next year! The Award goes to Allison Bourke!

The Crawford Award for Horticulture, a silver tankard, is awarded once a year to a member for Achievement in Horticulture.
This year’s award winner is a GGC member who is good at everything but is also incredibly modest.  However, the horticulture awards committee has uncovered that she was a huge winner at the Nantucket, Rye and the Greenwich Daffodil shows.  Her quiet manner yet strong leadership is inspiring.  She consistently volunteers to use her Green Thumb to grow for Zone meetings and flower shows. Always there to lend a helping hand, she is an overall lovely person. The award goes to Karen Marache

The Lady Ramsey Award for Narcissi is awarded to the member who won the most points at the recent Daffodil show.
This year’s recipient won 17 ribbons at the CT Daffodil show.  3 firsts, 6 seconds, 5 thirds and 3 HM’s.  Also, she won 2 special awards:   Best 3 Stems in” Miniatures” and Best Single Stem in “Classics” . She also won a 1st place for her Gay Tabor in the daffodil division at the Irvington on Hudson flower show.  She also won first place at our house Daffodil Bulb Sweepstakes. This award goes to Libby Welch.

The Mary Harrison Award was awarded to the best Pelargonium.   This year, the winner was Allison Bourke.  Congratulations!