Medals and Awards

The Medals and Awards Committee recognizes and honors members of the Club and community for outstanding achievements.

Committee Chair 2017-2018: Leslie Lee

Annual Report of the Medals and Awards Committee (June 2017)

GARDEN CLUB OF AMERICA AWARDS – presented at the June 2017 Annual Meeting

GCA Club Commendation, Historic Preservation – Jo Conboy

GCA Commendation, Civic Improvement – Patty Sechi

GCA Club Floral Design Achievement Award – Nina King

GCA Club Conservation Award – Kim Gregory

GCA Club Appreciation Award – Sally Madden


Nancie Allen Marache Spirit Award – Phyllis Potter

Greenwich Garden Club Trophy – Libby King

Greenwich Garden Club Conservation Award – Ginny Gwynn

GGC Commemorative Award for Flower Arranging – Helen Pardoe

The Crawford Award for Horticulture – Karen Marache

The Mrs. David S. Henkel New Member Award – Helen Pardoe

Mariette A. Badger Horticulture Award – Susan Schieffelin

GGC Merit Award – Lindy Wells

GGC Commemorative for Horticulture – Allison Bourke

Lady Ramsay Urn for Narcissi – Libby Welch

Molly Cummings Minot Cook Photography Award – Dee Hickey

The Mary Harrison Award – Allison Bourke

The Hat Award – Nina King and Leslie Lee