Medals and Awards

The Medals and Awards Committee recognizes and honors members of the Club and community for outstanding achievements.

Committee Chair 2016-2017: Leslie Lee

Annual Report of the Medals and Awards Committee (June 2016)

Again this year we reached out to propose 4 of our members for GCA Club awards. Additionally, we proposed a non member for a Club Commendation Award. The awards are available from GCA and and it is advised that such awards continue to be given to recognize the work of our members and the community.

Five members received “Years of Service” awards—from 65 years t0 40 as members of the club.

This year a new award was given in recognition of our past member and ex-president, Nancie Allen Marache. A large urn was name the Spirit award and will be given annually to a member.

A new description of some of the awards is being done which will given a better understanding of who the award is given in honor of or what the donors recognition in the garden club represents. This will be rewritten in the handbook.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Libby as well as all those who contributed to the decisions and written work for all the well deserving winners.

GARDEN CLUB OF AMERICA AWARDS – presented at the June 2016 Annual Meeting

Club Appreciation Award – Karen Marache
Conservation Award – Chris Nicols
Club Horticulture Achievement Award – Susan Schieffelin
Club Floral Design Achievement Award – Anne Getz

65 Years of Membership Service – June Gibson
55 Years of Membership Service – Hopie Lewis
50 Years of Membership Service  – Tibby Allen
50 Years of Membership Service  – Mildred Cross
40 Years of Membership Service  – Polly Johnson

GREENWICH GARDEN CLUB AWARDS- presented at the June 2016 Annual Meeting

Nancie Allen Marache Spirit Award – Nina King, Karen Marache, Eugenie Pavelic
Greenwich Garden Club Trophy – Hopie Lewis
Greenwich Garden Club Conservation Award – Kim Gregory
GGC Commemorative Award for Flower Arranging – Libby Welch
The Crawford Award for Horticulture – Betsy Vitton
The Mrs. David S. Henkel New Member Award – Libby Welch
Mariette A. Badger Horticulture Award – Allison Bourke
GGC Merit Award – Kelly Pasciucco
GGC Commemorative for Horticulture – Margaret Bragg
Katherine Milbank Flower Arranging Award – Grace Schoelkopf
Lady Ramsay Urn for Narcissi – Jane Dunn
Molly Cummings Minot Cook Photography Award – Mary Shaw Marks
The Mary Harrison Award – Allison Bourke
The Hat Award – Nina King

– Phyllis Potter