New Member Program

The New Member program aims to involve and educate the new members in the activities and aims of the Club. New Members are actively engaged in Club workshops, Excursions, and Club meetings. In addition, special events are planned specifically for the group. It is a special time as a Garden Club member — many new friends are made and many new skills are learned. A new member is expected to complete two full terms of business and New member meetings that are planned by the new Member Chairman and her Committee.

Committee Chairs 2017-2018: Katie Baccile, Kathy Heidt

New Member Annual Report (2017)

We began the year on September 27, 2016 with a meeting at the home of Crissy Robinson, to meet each other (again), set the agenda for the year, and outline the expectations and requirements for the new members. Everyone was present and very enthusiastic about the year ahead. We asked what they as a group might like to learn about . Their year is outlined below.

Everyone participated in the in-house flower show, and clerked for the judges.

In February the NM took a field trip to East Coast Wholesale Flower market, had a tour, and made sure all names were on the GGC account.

As a return from Spring Break the new members met at Katie Baccile’s house to hear a presentation from Nina King on the 1,2,3’s of entering flower shows. Nina discussed the online resources of the GCA, including the “yellow book”, how to find a show, register, decide which class to enter and how & why. She discussed the practical details in how to make an arrangement, set it appropriately in or on the staging, and walked everyone through her go-to resource books. Katie got out her tool boxes, and we discussed what to have there.

New members have been working on their bulb pots planted in the Fall, getting them ready for the April sweepstakes.

NM went on the excursion to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, attended the Dahlia workshop, and everyone signed up for their show entries, including the daffodil show. Spring is busy, and the NM fully participated, receiving ribbons, awards and commendations of all variety. Congratulations to our wonderful ladies.

In April, at Sam Bridge, the new members prepared 2 large planters to donate to the River House, with the help of Allison Burke.

Helen Pardoe was given the New Member award for her many accomplishments.

This year we also graduate the following members:  Elizabeth Hopley, Stephanie Webb, and Diane Derosier, Congratulations to these ladies!

We welcome the new members who will begin officially in September 2017, including Amy Goodfriend & Tara Vittone to our existing class of soon-to-be second year ladies including: Elizabeth Lake, Julia Dunn, Colleen Ferguson, Susan Gatto, and Dee Hickey.

We had a wonderful year together, and look forward to an exciting upcoming year with our large class.