New Member Program

The New Member program aims to involve and educate the new members in the activities and aims of the Club. New Members are actively engaged in Club workshops, Excursions, and Club meetings. In addition, special events are planned specifically for the group. It is a special time as a Garden Club member — many new friends are made and many new skills are learned. A new member is expected to complete two full terms of business and New member meetings that are planned by the new Member Chairman and her Committee.

Committee Chairs 2016-17: katie Baccile, Crissy Robinson

New Member Annual Report (2016)

We had a very eventful, fun and educational 2015-2016 year with seven Greenwich Garden Club New Members!

Libby Welch and Alexandra Codraro embarked on their 2nd year while Elizabeth Masterson, Elizabeth Hopley, Stephanie Webb, Helen Pardoe and Diane Derosier began their first year as a very engaged and active group.

The New Members met for the first time on September 17th at Crissy’s home. All seven new members attended and were in great spirits. We described what to expect in the upcoming year – both events and responsibilities. Everyone displayed a lot of enthusiasm for participating in the GGC.

Diane Derosier showed her dedication to the GGC and accompanied several members on the march in the Greenwich 375th Parade on September 27th. Also in September, Libby Welch, Elizabeth Masterson and Elizabeth Hopley were awarded a 3rd place in the “Television” Floral Design category at the Rye Flower Show. Their arrangement was entitled Hawaii-Five-O. Helen Pardoe worked with Anne Getz in the same “Television” category and their Downton Abbey received an Honorable Mention.

Libby Welch also entered the Horticulture Hoola Hoop class with her amazing succulent wreath! Susan Scheiffelin and Nina King took the group on a walk-through of the Rye show providing their knowledge on both Flower Arranging and Horticulture.

Lastly Elizabeth Masterson showed off her creativity and provided the Garden Education Center with a beautiful Dahlia arrangement to be exhibited at the Dazzling Dahlia Show.

On October 14th most of the New Members participated in the Horticulture bulb workshop hosted by Anne Getz and Allison Bourke at Allison’s home. This was a great introduction to planting.

The New Members have been helping Program with the GGC meetings, as needed, and will continue to do so throughout their term. They will also volunteer with Educational Outreach at both Armstrong Court and the Adult Day Care.

On November 17th we took an outing to New York City to tour the flower district. Eugenie Pavelic was our guide as we walked all around, popping into the different stores. It was an education for everyone!

One of the requirements of the New Members is to participate in the in-house sweepstakes. Since both Photography and Flower Arranging both had their sweepstakes in November, we allowed the new members to decide which one they would enter.

In December, the Greenwich Garden Club hosted their annual Holiday Luncheon at Indian Harbor. There was caroling and a mitten tree, and all of the New Members decorated a miniature Christmas tree to be used as table centerpieces.

We had a great meeting with all seven New Members on Thursday, February 4th at Kristie Thorson’s home. Susan Scheiffelin joined us and presented the “ABC’s of entering a show”. It was a great success and everyone left with a better understanding of the basics and also left with a Begonia Gobe, a cutting from the grand child of Marietta Badger’s plant.

The Flower Arranging chairs, Betsy Vitton and Eugenie Pavelic, hosted a workshop on February 24th at Eugenie’s home. The New Members learned the mechanics of making an arrangement using tools, tape, wire and opening roses. This was extremely useful as all New Members plan to enter the upcoming spring flower shows.

On April 14th, the Horticulture Committee Chairs, Anne Getz and Allison Bourke, held a seed workshop at Allison’s home. And on April 15th, Susan Sheiffelin hosted a Daffodil workshop to get everyone ready and prepared for the upcoming Greenwich Daffodil Show.

On April 20 & 21 all New Members participated in the Daffodil Show, by either entering a floral arrangement, photograph or single cutting. It was an amazing turnout. Most entries won some award. Of note, Libby Welch won 1st place in the “Red Tape” challenge class and received the Novice Certificate of Excellence in Floral Design; Helen Pardoe won 1st place with her photograph and the Certificate of Appreciation for Exceptional Technical Merit; and, Alexandra Codraro won 1st prize for a Daffodil cutting.

In May, several New Members entered the Flower Arranging sweepstakes to create a small “last minute” arrangement. They were creative and well received.

Congratulations to our graduating New Members, Libby Welch and Alexandra Codraro! We look forward to exciting upcoming year with 3 new New Members: Julia Dunn, Dee Hickey and Colleen Ferguson.