The Photography Committee aims to interest members in acquiring the knowledge and art of photography and exhibiting in shows. The Committee also helps document Club activities by providing photographs to Public relations, History and other committees as needed.

Committee Chairs 2017-2018: Grace Schoelkopf, Mary Shaw Marks

Annual Report of the Photography Committee (June 2017)

Photography announced monthly current Flower shows and schedules our club members could enter. We also posted them in the GCC monthly minutes as well as Clippings.  Our objective this year was to focus on a couple major shows and have at least one club member enter a photo. The Zone II Show and the Annual Daffodil Show, are just to name a few.

To generate more interest in Photography, we held two iPhone Workshops at the Apple store in Greenwich.  The first one was a “how to” workshop and the second one focused on “editing”. We had between 10-20 members at each workshop and we all came away from them thinking there is so much more we could learn!!

We had a sweepstakes in November and over 20 members submitted a Fall 5x7 color image in a matte frame.  All entrants had to fill out a GCA Photography Entry form and the photographs were displayed on metal frames.  Lindy Wells viewed all the photographs and gave each member some positive feedback and suggestions.   We displayed their photos on metal stands.  The sweepstakes generated great participation and interest.

Our club was responsible for submitting a photo in the Zone II show in June. We selected a Color Class entitled Rolling Stones. For potential photo entries, we held a Sweepstakes in April. 12 members displayed their photographs, (all conforming with the guidelines of the show!) for not only all the members to view, but we had three GCA Judges come and judge the show as well.  A small committee of GGC members with Photography backgrounds chose Anne Green’s photograph to represent GGC in the June Zone II show in Madison, CT.