The Photography Committee aims to interest members in acquiring the knowledge and art of photography and exhibiting in shows. The Committee also helps document Club activities by providing photographs to Public relations, History and other committees as needed.

Committee Chairs 2015-16: Grace Schoelkopf, Virginia Marzonie

Annual Report of the Photography Committee (June 2016)

Photography announced monthly current Flower shows and schedules our club members could enter. Our objective this year was to focus on a couple major shows and have at least one club member enter a photo. Hortulus, Daffodil Show and other Flower show schedules.

We had a sweepstakes in November and over 20 members submitted a fall image to us digitally. We took their images and made a laminated place mat at Staples. We also streamed the images at the November meeting on a photo slide show. The sweepstakes generated great participation and interest. Comments were added to each submitted photo for suggestions on taking a better or more captivating photos.

_MG_1810Our club was responsible for submitting a photo in the Zone 2 show in June. We selected a monochrome class entitled Wetlands and Wildlife. For potential photo entries we held a photo outing at Tod’s Point in January to capture some shots. We had 12 members show up and had a great time chasing birds and taking pictures in the winter elements.

We followed with an editing workshop to help finalize our images for consideration into the Zone show. The workshop was held in April at Lisa Hurst’s house and only a few members were able to attend as there were other garden club activities/commitments taking place that day. We narrowed down the field of potential entries for the Zone show from our club to a couple images. Mary Waldron helped select and recommend what she thought was the best photo from our club. We announced the photo and entrant at the May meeting. The matted monochrome photograph for the show was due by May 26th and was successfully passed. Urling Searle was the finalist for the class.