List of Pollinator Friendly Flowers for GCA

Here is a list of pollinator friendly flowers in my woodland Connecticut garden which is largely shaded with parts receiving 2-5 hours sun in mid-summer.

In early spring, mason bees swarm to my snowdrops.  Native Mason bees are one of the first bees to emerge in CT, often coming out in late March when very little is blooming.  Planting snowdrops, crocus and other early blooming bulbs provides essential food for them.  Mason bees are important pollinators of apple trees.

All kinds of bees and flower flies are attracted to:

   Phlox stolonifera (blooms in early spring)

   Everblooming bleeding hearts

   Agastache/ Anise Hyssop


   Garden Phlox

   Autumn Sedum

   Giant Blue Lobelia

   Catmint, Calamentha, Thyme, Oregano and other flowering mints, especially attract small bees, flower flies and White Cabbage Butterflies

   Joe Pye Weed

   White Wood Asters; also host for Pearl Crescents





   Pink Turtlehead


    Camassia and other hyacinths

    Virginia bluebells

    Violets, also host plant to Great Spangled Fritillary


    Ozark Sundrops

    Milkweed/Butterfly Weed – all kind of bees and butterflies; the only host plant for Monarchs

    Lamb’s Ears/Wooly Betony

    Note:   Two plants that are absolute bee magnets, attracting scores of all different kinds, are:

                    Joe Pye Weed and Goldenrod

                 Bumblebees visit tubular flowers such as Columbines, Foxglove, Giant Lobelia, Bleeding Hearts, Turtlehead and Hosta

Hummingbirds particularly attracted to:

  Giant Blue Lobelia


   Honeysuckle; also host for Snowberry Clearwing Hummingbird Moth

   Everblooming bleeding hearts



Tiger swallowtails and other butterflies attracted to


   Black eyed Susans

   Garden Phlox

   Butterfly bush


Submitted by Susan Bergen, Conservation Co-Chair

New Canaan Garden Club

Zone 2